What is the church for?

The ultimate purpose of the “Church” is to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations.

 It’s not to sit in a Sunday pew consuming all kinds of good teaching.   (though this is part of it) 

It’s not to simply feed hungry people or just put shelters over their heads. (Though this is part of it too) 

It’s not to always seek safety, security, comfort, or convenience. 

 It is to bring the Kingdom of God to bear in every aspect of our lives. 

This involves taking risks, walking in uncertainty, and living life as an adventure so that those who are lost may be found!! 

Have you settled for Sunday Christianity? Or are you interested in being a part of the growing Kingdom of God on this planet? 

Come what may… we must redefine our understanding of who we are as the Movement of God multiplying and making apprentices to the Jesus way… this eternal kind of life. 

 If your church isn’t making disciples… it’s time to join elbows with some folks who really understand what church is. 

 Don’t waste your time trying to convince the congregation that doesn’t want to be obedient to Jesus’ Commission. There is so much more to church than just drinking in good teaching and only doing social justice.

At some point we have to start living like Jesus! If you aren’t aware of how to do that… let’s start a conversation.  

Right wing conservative Christianity isn’t enough.  Left wing liberal Christianity isn’t enough.  
If the church looks just like American culture…who’s to blame?

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