“What informs you…forms you.”


If I get too sucked in and informed by the disgusting, horrific, dehumanizing, sinful, wickedness of the world, it will distort my understanding of the truth. Some may think this is ok. For the sake of being “informed”.. But I must not let my soul reside in the filth of this world. It acts only to stain me.

I ignore the sinfulness of the world so that I do not ignore the goodness of God.


What informs you?



Fox News?

The workplace gossip?

Your Sunday morning preacher?

The neighbor next door?

Your favorite TV show?

Saturday Night Live?

Your best friend?


Check your sources.  I think you’ll find them all to be bias.



I must first lift my eyes, rise in my heart towards God’s perspective, and dwell in His presence. That is where my hope, my very life lies. If it lies anywhere else….then I am truly lost.



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