I wonder if “obedience” is the wrong word to use when we talk about what it means to follow Jesus.    Obedience is only the beginning part. Once you walk with Jesus for a while, it’s not about being obedient anymore. Christ just compels you. It’s impulsive and intuitive.   When you live in relationship to him well, the walk becomes a joy not a drudgery. I’m not living the way I’m living out of obedience as much as out of a genuine recognition that apart from Him I can do nothing. My motives have changed. I’ve experienced his love and grace so much thatRead More →

When I became a Christian I said, Lord, now fill me in,Tell me what I’ll suffer in this world of shame and sin. He said, your body may be killed, and left to rot and stink, Do you still want to follow me? I said Amen – I think. I think Amen, Amen I think, I think I say Amen, I’m not completely sure, can you just run through that again? You say my body may be killed and left to rot and stink, Well, yes, that sounds terrific, Lord, I say Amen – I think. But, Lord, there must be other ways to followRead More →

A great deception has occurred. A lie has been told. We have believed it.   That there is no story to belong to. That there is no Creator to trust. That there is no spirit in the being of humanity.  That you have nothing to look forward to in eternity. That life isn’t available until you die. That heaven is only singing and preaching. That what you see when you go to church is the only way in which God reveals himself. That there is nothing more to this life than this life. That God isn’t real, that faith is hopeless, that we are theRead More →