Moving past just obeying

I wonder if “obedience” is the wrong word to use when we talk about what it means to follow Jesus.   
Obedience is only the beginning part. Once you walk with Jesus for a while, it’s not about being obedient anymore. Christ just compels you. It’s impulsive and intuitive.  
When you live in relationship to him well, the walk becomes a joy not a drudgery. I’m not living the way I’m living out of obedience as much as out of a genuine recognition that apart from Him I can do nothing. My motives have changed. I’ve experienced his love and grace so much that I just want to submit myself to Him. He’s the best leader I’ve ever given my life to follow.
The words we use to speak about Jesus have the power to push people away from him as well as draw them.  
Maybe we should be more careful how we speak about following Him.

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