Just Keep Bird-Watching

I looked at the birds of the air yesterday and you know what i noticed? They don’t worry about anything! They fly around…catch the wind..pick up sticks…find food pretty much effortlessly…birds have a lot of faith!  
Another thought crossed my mind about that too.  
God loves me more than the birds.  
In fact…He not only loves me more…He’s proved it.  
You see…the Bible doesn’t say…”God demonstrated His love to us, by sending His great heavenly Bird into the world to save sinners”. He didn’t send a bird, a rhino, a dog, a flea, or even a tiger to save sinners. He sent His Son. A human being. Flesh and blood and mind and spirit and soul and will. He sent Jesus. Not a bird. And I’m supposed to remember that if God sent His only Son to come and rescue me from my sin and my self…that I don’t need to worry about one thing being provided for me or my family in my life. One second wasted on worry is a spit in the face to the love God showed me on the cross.  
Do I think that God cares so little about my everyday life that he would only come to provide salvation for my eternal soul and not provision for today? Is the God who has the ability to transform and redeem hearts not also the God who has the ability to take care of things for me when I show up and do my part? Can I really trust God to supply all my needs according to the riches I have in Christ Jesus? Does that include money in my bank account, food in my stomach, clothes for my kids, gas for my car, mortgage for my house, warmth in my home, or even tithe to my church?  
If God provides for the birds of the air and doesn’t provide for my needs, what kind of God is He? If He takes care of the birds, and he loves me more than the birds, how much more will He take care of me and my family?  
The answer is exceedingly, abundantly more than all that we can ask or imagine.  
Just keep bird watching.

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