Already tired of the word “Missional”??

A lot has been said about church being “missional”… I’m sure you’ve heard this word used to describe things… as far as words go, the overuse of this word to describe churches that are everything but missionary-sending bodies has formed a lot of contempt in the minds of many in church leadership. You can’t “go missional” or “try being missional” like it’s some kind of fad or passé new methodology.   As if this “missional” talk is just a new buzzword like “discipleship” in the church, leaders go to conferences to come back and try implementing what they’ve seen or heard someone else do in a different context and then try and bring it to success in their organization.  
This isn’t like changing the way you do music or the size of your building, or tweaking your programming. Mission isn’t just a subcategory for Christian people to look at as an option in Church life.  
Mission is THE organizing, THE catalyzing, and THE transforming orientation around which all other aspects of church life need to be built. 
IF YOU AREN’T LIVING A SENT LIFE AS A CHRISTIAN, THEN YOU NEED TO QUESTION WHETHER YOU ARE REALLY FOLLOWING JESUS.  If you aren’t sending more people out than you have coming in to your church, then I question if your church is really about the business of making disciples of Jesus rather than the brand you’ve built for yourself or the way you go about doing church.  
   I know that this is a difficult thought to process, but true disciples of Jesus need to seriously question whether they are being challenged to go into all the world rather than just be counted in worship services on Sundays.   Allegiance to Jesus is more about alerting people to God’s reign than it is about converting them to our brand of Christianity.  
This isn’t something that if it doesn’t work out you can go back to just being church as usual. God is a missionary God. At the core of who He is, there is a “sent-ness” to him. As the Father sends the Son, so the Son sends the Spirit, and so then the Spirit sends His Church to the world.  

Stop just “going missional”.  Stop just doing “discipleship curriculum”. Stop trying mission on for size with the thought that if this doesn’t grow my church I’ll try something different later.  
Start being missionaries.  

Start being actual apprentices of Jesus.  

Start living into the Kingdom of God. 
Mike Breen states…

“The missional church is rooted in not just the New Testament church of Acts, but in the mission of Jesus himself. A missional church lives out the church’s three-dimensional calling: to be upwardly focused on God in worship that is passionate; to be inwardly focused on community among believers that is demonstrated in relationships of love and compassion; and to be outwardly focused on a world that does not yet know God.”

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