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Hello soulstuck friends!  I’m Art Kelly.  I’m a bald, passionate married dad.  With my background in ministry and current as a Realtor here in Middle Tennessee, I have the unique opportunity to bring to life passion and opportunity for people to create something better with their lives.

If you are anything like me, there have been times in your life when you were stuck with nowhere to turn, no one to talk to, no one giving you counsel or advice on how to make it through.  Our family has been there time and again, and I want to give you some help in getting you unstuck.


This blog is about opening up eyes.  Most of the problems we face happen because we just don’t see what’s going on around us.  We need perspective.  We need a new set of eyes.

The other problem is we don’t know what to do about what we see.  So many times in life, I have felt helpless to do anything about the struggle I’ve had in my own life and powerless to dig myself out.

Well, no longer.   It is my sincere belief that the old saying that the “journey is the destination” is absolutely true.  While we live on this road of life, there is something we are intended to create.  We aren’t simply here to take up space.  And that is what “Soulstuck?” is all about.  Creating something better.


As you read my posts, please feel free to comment, share your story, or disagree as you wish.  But first, go up to the top right sidebar of my page and subscribe via email to this blog.  That way you can read updates every morning to start your day.  I’ll be posting every weekday and some on the weekends.

You are welcome to contact me via email, facebook, or twitter as I check those feeds pretty regularly throughout the day.


Most of all, I want to walk alongside you in this journey you call your life.  You were made for more than just being soulstuck.  Each of us has a story.  Life comes to us this way.  There are characters, adventures, villains, battles, sacrifices made, and wins and losses.

My story began as the son of a military man.  Early on in life I learned that things don’t always work out the way they were intended.  My mother divorced when I was five and then remarried not long after.  I was rescued by my step-father and adopted into his family.  Now carrying the family name and having a family of my own, (four children to be exact) I know what it means to have to accept responsibility, reject passivity, and lead my little family with courage.

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My wife and I met in college at Liberty University, got married right out of college and embarked on a journey that we had no clue what it would look like.  My chosen field of work was church ministry, specifically working with teenagers, and after learning the ups and downs of life on a church staff, I was fired…not once but twice from traditional religious institutions.  Despite the setbacks, I have always had a passion and desire to open people’s eyes up to the realities of the Kingdom of God as He advances it among the hearts and minds of men and women all across this planet.

I’m convinced, now more than ever, that even though this world is soulstuck, there is still very good news.  Light overcomes darkness.  Good wins over evil.  And good news isn’t just something to be read from a newspaper, a book, or a magazine.  We get to be the good news we want people to hear.  Living messages that there is something good worth fight for in this world, and something better for us to yet create.

That is the essence of what soulstuck is all about.

Talk to me.

Finally, I want this to be a two way conversation.  If you are soulstuck, then you need to talk through and talk out your frustrations with someone.  This can be a forum for just that.  We all need each other.

Eugene Peterson says that “I am not myself, by myself.”

This is compellingly true.

If you want to contact me, feel free to email or message me on facebook.   I will try and get back to you within 48 hours of any request or comment you have.


Thanks for following.  I hope we can create something better together.


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