To question things is an honorable act…  There are many things we don’t understand and questions help us to get there… But… to keep questioning things even after clear answers have been given is a foolish quest because the joy of finding the answers, the joy of discovery…is missed out on because the questioner has now become the cynic…  To make every single conversation always about the question and never about moving forward into the answers of the future in order to create something with the knowledge you’ve been given… Is completely futile and unworthy of an honorable human being…  I grow weary of vague,Read More →

The ultimate purpose of the “Church” is to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations.  It’s not to sit in a Sunday pew consuming all kinds of good teaching.   (though this is part of it)  It’s not to simply feed hungry people or just put shelters over their heads. (Though this is part of it too)  It’s not to always seek safety, security, comfort, or convenience.   It is to bring the Kingdom of God to bear in every aspect of our lives.  This involves taking risks, walking in uncertainty, and living life as an adventure so that those who areRead More →

I looked at the birds of the air yesterday and you know what i noticed? They don’t worry about anything! They fly around…catch the wind..pick up sticks…find food pretty much effortlessly…birds have a lot of faith!   Another thought crossed my mind about that too.   God loves me more than the birds.   In fact…He not only loves me more…He’s proved it.   You see…the Bible doesn’t say…”God demonstrated His love to us, by sending His great heavenly Bird into the world to save sinners”. He didn’t send a bird, a rhino, a dog, a flea, or even a tiger to save sinners. HeRead More →

Did you know that you can live a questionable life? A life where people ask you the reason for the hope in the way that you live?   No matter what happens to us, no matter how bad our circumstances may be…  The eternal transcends the temporary….  Jesus’ kingdom outlasts ours.   We can either submit to God or eventually have our knees forced to bow…  I prefer willing and willful submission to a benevolent king than a life of defiance in pursuit of my own pleasure. The question we need to be constantly asking ourselves is…How is this way I’m living working for me?Read More →